Submitting a Custom Display Appeal

    A Custom Display will allow Subscription-based users who are on a Premium, or above, plan to request a name other than the legal business name or DBA.  


    Once your program has been created with a custom display, you may receive a notification alerting you that your display name has "failed initial review." 

    • If you have the right to brand as a name other than your legal business name or DBA, you can appeal the decision.
    • Your custom display MUST comply with First Orion's Policy for Branded Calling.

    You will be required to provide one of the following to brand with a custom display name:

    1. Legal documentation verifying your Trademark or DBA OR
    2. An explanation of the usage of your trademarked and commonly used Brand Name with a link to your company website

    After providing the requested information, our Product Support team will review and respond within 1-2 business days.

    • Please note: This time estimate does not include holidays.

    At approval, you will receive an email notification that your custom display has been approved. The wait time for each appropriate carrier is as follows:  

      • You will start branding on T-Mobile devices within 5 to 10 minutes after creating a branding program.
      • You will start branding on AT&T devices within 14 to 18 business days after creating your first branding program.
      • Based on the plan you select will determine if you are eligible to brand on Verizon devices. If you subscribe to our Premium plans, you are eligible to brand on Verizon devices. If you are eligible to brand on Verizon, it will take 3 to 5 business days to start branding.

    Please review the following article for more information regarding the Carrier Status of Branding Calls.


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