Reputation Management

Mislabeling of business phone numbers is one of the largest barriers in reaching customers causing low answer rates, high decline rates and low customer engagement. Reputation Management is a suite of services that enables you to protect your business and phone number reputation. With Business Registration, AFFIRM Reputation Monitoring and Remediation, you have access to layers of support to mitigate the mislabeling of your business calls.

    Business Registration

    Business Number Registration is the first step in managing your reputation and allows you to influence the identity of your business phone numbers. Upon registration, First Orion verifies your business is legitimate and provides information to Mobile Analytics Engines letting them know the potential reason for your call, so your calls aren’t mislabeled.

    Business Registration is free, quick and easy through First Orion's Customer Portal.  

    How is a phone number’s label/tag determined?

    Labels: At business registration, you will provide identifying information to help the Mobile Analytic Engines determine a proper label for your phone number(s).  This label helps customers understand the potential reason for your call.

    Spam/Scam Tags: Carriers utilize sophisticated analytics systems, employing advanced data modeling to discern calls potentially posing risks to consumers. These systems operate dynamically, scrutinizing various factors surrounding each call.

    Is there a difference between Scam and Spam?

    Scam calls are defined as fraudulent calls where the caller misrepresents themselves with the intent to scam victims out of their personal information to defraud them.


    Spam calls can be from legitimate businesses, however the businesses’ use of unfair or poor calling practices are a nuisance to customers and triggers the Spam tag.


    Both spam and scam calls can be unwanted communication for customers. Tagging calls as Spam or Scam allows customers to choose whether to answer or ignore a call.


    What do I do if my phone number’s category/label is incorrect?

    You can complete Business Number Registration in First Orion's Customer Portal. Registering your business phone numbers gives you the ability to influence how your outbound calls are displayed. During this process, you can choose to opt-in to send your business registration information to AT&T and T-Mobile. For Verizon, you can register your business number by clicking here. Business registration paired with exercising Call Behavior Best Practices are the first steps to influencing your phone number’s label.

    If you think your number is mislabeled or categorized incorrectly, you may appeal to Mobile Analytic Engines directly on their website.

    1. AT&T
    2. T-Mobile
    3. Verizon

    AFFIRMTM Reputation Monitoring

    AFFIRM is the monitoring component of our Reputation Management Suite that provides visibility into call display data to know how your calls are displayed across devices on the 3 major carrier networks. AFFIRM customers can manage their registered phone numbers and access call display data through First Orion's Customer Portal.

    For more information, check out AFFIRM Reputation Monitoring.

    Will AFFIRM Reputation Monitoring stop my calls from being tagged as Spam or Scam? 

    No, AFFIRM enables you to monitor the health of their calling numbers to understand how their calls appear on mobile phones, enabling them to see where their brand is being displayed properly or where they may be tagged. AFFIRM’s analytics also gives insights into calling trends that may be influencing negative tags. Improvements in your calling practices are the most effective remedy for Spam or Scam tagging. Adhering to industry standards in Call Behavior Best Practices is crucial to avoid tags. 

    How often should I make validation calls?

    You maintain complete control over the frequency of your validation calls.  To best understand calling behaviors that may trigger tagging, First Orion suggests incorporating the validation calls into your business’ everyday call practices.

    How will I know if my calls are tagged as spam or scam?

    If one or more of your validation calls are tagged as Spam or Scam, your business admin will receive an email notification at 7a (central) the day following the tag activity. You will also see an alert in the upper right-hand corner of the Customer Portal when you log in the following day.

    How long is my calling data accessible in the Customer Portal?

    The reporting is available the day after the validation calls are made, and the data is accessible for 90 days.

    Can I purchase AFFIRM only or do I need to purchase INFORM also?

    AFFIRM can be purchased as a stand-alone solution and does not require INFORM. However, AFFIRM + INFORM enables you to see display name results, ensuring your calls are branded in the way you want them to be displayed.

    How can I see tagging and branded calling display results?

    As an INFORM + AFFIRM customer, you can add the number to a program to brand the calls from the business number. This will allow you to see all call labels in the AFFIRM dashboard, which includes Spam/ Scam tags and branded calls.

    Do I need to add my number(s) to a program to prevent tagging?

    Registering your numbers and adhering to Call Behavior Best Practices will help reduce the risk of negative tagging. Adding your phone numbers to a program will enable you to brand your calls from the specific number but does not guarantee your calls will not be tagged.

    Will validation calls affect INFORM reporting metrics such as Answer Rate, Decline Rate, Talk Rate, etc.?

    No, AFFIRM validation calls will only impact treated call counts. Validation calls are not included in other metrics, such as answer rates, decline rates, etc., to ensure the data accurately reflects your calling behavior.


    Remediation is a self-service appeal process that enables you to work with the Mobile Analytics Engines directly to address the mislabeling of your outbound calling numbers. Remediation should only be initiated after you’ve completed business number registration and have consistently used Call Behavior Best Practices.  

    During the appeal process, Mobile Analytic Engines will verify the calling activity related to the phone number.  Various factors are evaluated to determine if the tag is appropriate, including phone number history, calling patterns and recipient responses (i.e complaints, call blocking or spam reporting of the number). You may initiate this process through each Mobile Analytic Engine’s website.

    What should I do if I believe that I am following good calling practices, but my calls are still being tagged?

    You may appeal to a Mobile Analytic Engine provider directly on their website.

    1. AT&T
    2. T-Mobile
    3. Verizon

    Can the AFFIRM display data help me to appeal a tagging decision with Mobile Analytic Engines?                                        

    AFFIRM’s validation call detail provides the outbound calling number, the called number, and the tag to help with the investigation to lift or sustain the tag.

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