Business Registration FAQs

Business Number Registration is the first step in managing your reputation and allows you to influence the identity of your business phone numbers. Upon registration, First Orion verifies your business is legitimate and provides information to Mobile Analytics Engines letting them know the potential reason for your call, so your calls aren’t mislabeled. Business Registration is free, quick and easy through First Orion's Customer Portal.  

    How is a phone number’s label/tag determined?

    Labels: At business registration, you will provide identifying information to help the Mobile Analytic Engines determine a proper label for your phone number(s).  This label helps customers understand the potential reason for your call.

    Spam/Scam Tags: Carriers utilize sophisticated analytics systems, employing advanced data modeling to discern calls potentially posing risks to consumers. These systems operate dynamically, scrutinizing various factors surrounding each call.

    Is there a difference between Scam and Spam?

    Scam calls are defined as fraudulent calls where the caller misrepresents themselves with the intent to scam victims out of their personal information to defraud them.


    Spam calls can be from legitimate businesses, however the businesses’ use of unfair or poor calling practices are a nuisance to customers and triggers the Spam tag.


    Both spam and scam calls can be unwanted communication for customers. Tagging calls as Spam or Scam allows customers to choose whether to answer or ignore a call.


    What do I do if my phone number’s category/label is incorrect?

    You can complete Business Number Registration in First Orion's Customer Portal. Registering your business phone numbers gives you the ability to influence how your outbound calls are displayed. During this process, you can choose to opt-in to send your business registration information to AT&T and T-Mobile by toggling on the 'Share my registration data...' option when creating or editing a business.


    For Verizon, you can register your business number by clicking here. Business registration paired with exercising Call Behavior Best Practices are the first steps to influencing your phone number’s label.

    If you think your number is mislabeled or categorized incorrectly, you may appeal to Mobile Analytic Engines directly on their website.

    1. AT&T
    2. T-Mobile
    3. Verizon

    Why should I share my registration data with mobile analytic providers?

    Wireless carriers use sophisticated analytics systems to discern calls that may pose risks to consumers. By sharing your business registration and phone number data with other analytic providers, you improve their call analytics for determining whether to label, tag or block your calls. With business registration and the use Call Behavior Best Practices, your calls will be less likely to have a spam, scam or nuisance label applied in the future.

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