Business, Number, and Content Vetting Guide

    The following guidelines should assist our partners and customers in understanding the information required for First Orion to properly vet businesses, numbers and the content used on the First Orion platform.

    Business Vetting

    • If a business is going to be represented via a telephone call, that business must be registered in the First Orion Exchange. This is true for branding as well as for protection from scam tagging.
    • Accurately providing the following will greatly influence the ability of First Orion to complete a rapid approval.
      • Primary Phone Number
      • Business Name
      • Business Address
      • Email
      • URL
    • All address, URL, emails, contact name and information, and primary business phone should be for the business.
    • If a business cannot be verified via the First Orion rapid approval process, First Orion may request documentation from the Partner:
      • A link to your business' listing in your state's Secretary of State’s database.
      • Any DBA/LLC/Incorporation documentation with your name and business.
      • DUNS Number
      • Tax ID Number (EIN)

    Phone Numbers

    • All telephone numbers should be assigned to the correct business registered in the First Orion Exchange.
    • First Orion will utilize data, machine learning processes, and outbound calling to verify that telephone numbers are assigned to the correct business.
    • If a telephone number is disconnected First Orion will remove that number from the business assigned and will notify you.
    • If ownership is in question or cannot be determined First Orion will notify the submitter with a request for proof of ownership.  If ownership cannot be confirmed, the number will be removed from the business until ownership proof is provided. 

    Branded Calling Content

    • All display names should be clear and concise as possible. 
    • The business name should be in the display.
    • A call purpose may be included, but should come after the business name, like “Acme Bank Customer Service” or “Acme Insurance Joe Jackson”.
    • If First Orion identifies any anomalies related to any content, branding will be on hold until resolved.  
    • Display exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 
    • Further guidance for content is provided in the “Branded Communication Content Guidelines”.
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