Create a Branded Calling Program

    What is a Branded Calling Program?

    A branded calling program allows users to define what they want for their business calling numbers to display on outbound calling devices.


    • If you are subscribed to one of our INFORM Branded Calling plans, learn how to create a program here.
    • You must create a Business Unit before you can create a Branded Calling Program. Learn how to create a Business Unit here.

    Create a Program

    Click Create from the Business Unit Dashboard and select Create Program from the list.

    Step 1: Provide Program Details

    1. Select your Program Type

      NOTE: The INFORM + Paired program type requires an API integration. If you select INFORM + Paired and you are not API integrated, your Branded Calling Program will NOT be branding.

      Learn more about INFORM + Paired here.

    2. Enter the desired Program Name in the box.
    3. Click Call Purpose and select Call Purpose type.
    4. Enter a Description of the program if desired.
    5. Click Next Step.

    Step 2: Select and Schedule Program Display

    1. Click Display Name and select a Display Name value.
    2. If you do not see a Display Name value, you can opt to Create custom display name.
    3. Enter a Display Name value and a Shorthand Display value.
      NOTE: Display Name and Shorthand Display MUST meet First Orion's Branding Policy. Custom display values will NOT brand until reviewed and approved. Expect a minimum 24-hour delay if Branding Policy is not met.
    4. Use the calendar to schedule a Start Date & Time.
    5. Use the calendar to schedule an  End Date &Time.
    6. Click Next Step.

    Step 3: Assign Branding Phone Numbers

    You have the option to manually type in Phone Numbers or you can Upload a CSV File of phone numbers.

    Manually Upload Phone Numbers

    1. Enter the Phone Number.
    2. Click Call Purpose and select Call Purpose type.
    3. Click Add Phone Number.
    4. Once all Phone Numbers have been added, click Launch.

    Upload CSV File

    To Upload CSV File your file will need:

    • Two columns
    • No headers
      • Column A: Phone Number
      • Column B: Call Purpose
    • Phone Numbers must include the Area Code
    • CSV File Upload allows a maximum of 500 phone numbers per upload

    The following are valid Call Purpose options:

    • Charity
    • Customer Service
    • Debt Collection
    • Informational/Notification
    • Multi-Use Line
    • Political
    • Prison
    • Survey
    • Telemarketing
    • Do Not Originate
    WARNING: Do Not Originate should only be selected if the number will not make outbound calls.
    1. Select Upload CSV File
    2. Select a file to upload by:
      • Choose from computer
      • Drag and Drop
    3. Once all Phone Numbers have been added, click Launch.


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