Customer Portal Release - 3/20/2024

Learn about what's new in the Customer Portal.

Pre-Paid Customer Portal User Enhancements

*These features will impact Branded Calling Subscription users and Registered users*

Carrier Access is now defined on the pricing plans!

Automating the Caps Email communication!

  • Users will now receive emails when they reach their branded calling cap, so users can action their account before their Branding stops.
  • Each plan comes with a branded calling limit. For example, the Basic plan comes with 500 branded calls. Once a user reaches 80% of their allotted branded calls, they will get an email alert. Once a user reaches 100% of their allotted branded calls, they will get an email alerting them that their calls are no longer being Branded.

Customer Portal User Enhancements

*This feature will affect all Customer Portal users*


Branding Policy Available on Program Management

  • Ensuring programs meet First Orion's policy is easier than ever. The Branding Policy will be accessible when creating a program or editing a program


Customer Portal Version: 3.9.1

*Carrier access is limited based on 3rd party integrations at this time

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