Customer Portal Release - 3/6/2024

Learn about what's new in the Customer Portal.

Pre-Paid Customer Portal User Enhancements

*These features will affect Branded Calling Subscription users and Registered users*

We are now offering more Subscription plans!

  • $240 Subscription - 2,500 branded calls per month
  • $450 Subscription - 5,000 branded calls per month
  • $735 Subscription - 10,000 branded calls per month
  • $1,115 Subscription - 15,000 branded calls per month
  • $1,785 Subscription - 25,000 branded calls per month
  • $3,255 Subscription - 50,000 branded calls per month

2024-03-07_08-16-56 (1).gif

Upgrade and Downgrade Plan Capability and Cancellations

  • Users now have the ability to upgrade their branded calling subscription to any of our new plans at any time of their billing cycle. If you decide to upgrade your subscription, you will be charged the difference from your current subscription to new selected subscription (e.g. if you upgrade from $104 to $240, you will be charged $136 upon upgrade).
  • Users can now downgrade from our new plans to a lower plan option. When you downgrade, you will have the features of their current plan until the end of that billing cycle(the day you signed up). At the start of the next billing cycle, you will be charged the new subscription fee, and the features of that plan will be available to you.
  • Users can cancel their branded calling subscription at any time, and your branding service will terminate within 48 hours.


Customer Portal User Enhancements

*This feature will affect all Customer Portal users*


Terms of Service Update

  • Updating the Terms of Service acceptance experience. Users will now easily be able to review and accept our Customer Portal Terms of Service.

Carrier Status Update

  • Addressing a minor user experience bug where Verizon Carrier status was stuck in the "Pending" status.
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