Customer Portal Release - 12/14/2023

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Pre-Paid Customer Portal User Enhancements

*These features will affect Branded Calling Subscription users and Registered users*

3 Prepaid Plans

  • $31 Subscription
  • $52 Subscription
  • $104 Subscription

Upgrade and Downgrade Plan Capability and Cancellations

  • Users now have the ability to upgrade their branded calling subscription at any time of their billing cycle. Should a user decide that they require a larger number of branded calls, they can upgrade their current month's plan. The bill will be difference in the subscription plans (i.e. if they upgrade from $31 to $52, they will be charged $21 upon upgrade). The features included in the upgraded plan will immediately be given to the account for the remainder of the month. If a user's subscription had a cap of 250 calls for the month, the cap will immediately be increased to the upgraded plan's cap. The next month, the user's subscription will be the upgraded plan.
  • Users can now also downgrade their existing plans. When users downgrade, they will have the features of their current plan until the end of that billing cycle since they are already paid for. At the next billing cycle, the user will be charged the new subscription fee, and the features of that plan will be available to the user.
  • A user can cancel their branded calling subscription at any time, and branding service will terminate within 24 hours.


Business Certification

  • All Prepaid Branded Communications Customers go through Business Certification to ensure a valid business is operating ethically using First Orion’s products and solutions. Businesses may be denied (rejected) for the following reasons:

    • Invalid TIN/EIN - Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Employer Identification Number (EIN) are defined as a nine-digit number that the IRS assigns to organizations.

    • Invalid Legal Name - The name that appears on the formation document of a corporation, LLC, LP or other statutory business entity.

    • Notable Litigations Found - Legal action taken against a Business worth evaluating if access to Branded Communication should be granted.

  • includes a $25 non-refundable fee (inclusive of taxes)


No More Overages

  • Previously, users could continue to make calls even if the cap of their subscription's current branded call count were reached. Those calls were charged at a rate of $.10/call. Now, the service of users who have met the cap of their current subscription's allotted branded calls will cut off. Now users don't have to worry about more branded calls than intended or larger bills than expected. 
  • If a user requires more calls than are allotted in their subscription plan, they are able to upgrade their plan to a higher subscription, or contact First Orion directly for a larger plan.


Customer Portal User Enhancements

*This feature will affect all Customer Portal users*


Branded Calling Guidelines

  • We have called out our guidelines for branding much more clearly at the program creation and program edit screens.
  • The First Orion Branded Calling policy: Branded Calling Policy.
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