Customer Portal Release - 08/16/2023

Learn about what's new in the Customer Portal.

Customer Portal Enhancements 

Automatic Refresh for Program Creation

Previously: Upon program creation, a refresh was required before the program appeared in the UI.

Now: When a new INFORM program is created, the screen will automatically refresh with the new program in the proper table on the screen.


Business Registration Question Mark Removal 

Previously: When customers registered their business in the portal, they have seen question marks that mistakenly had no help content associated with them.

Now: Users have the Help Center content and learn modal content to rely upon for help and we are removing those question marks to avoid confusion.


First Orion Logo links to the Home Dashboard

Customer Portal users may now navigate to their home dashboard screen by clicking on the First Orion name and logo in the top left of the screen.



Phone Number Search Country Code 

Phone number search results will automatically truncate the country code of numbers searched. A “+1” will automatically be added to the phone number in the correct structure.

A user may include with the number:

  • the “+1”
  • the “1”
  • or not include a country code at all

and the results will return correctly.



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