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Did you set up a Branded Calling subscription in the Customer Portal and you need a little help? Check out our step-by-step articles here!

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The Customer Portal Dashboard provides a variety of current reports regarding your Branded Communication account, typically updated every sixty (60) minutes.


Key Navigation Items

  1. Main Navigation Panel
  2. Account Owner Email: Billing, Help, Sign Out
  3. Page Name 
  4. Command Buttons: Create, Edit, & Learn Dashboard: Learn
  5. Metric Cards Dashboard: Metric Cards
  6. Heatmaps Dashboard: Heatmaps
  7. Program List & Navigation
  8. Support Button

NOTE: Some of the Enterprise (non-Subscription) articles linked above may contain information that does not apply to the Subscription access. Please contact Support with any questions.

Account Owner Email Navigation 

Step 1: Click Account Owner Email.

Step 2: Select Billing Management, Get Help, or Sign Out.


Command Buttons: Create

Step 1: Select Create to open the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Select Create Program, Check Program Status, Add Phone Numbers, or Delete Phone Numbers.




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