Subscription: Create a Branded Calling Program

Did you set up a Branded Calling subscription in the Customer Portal and you need a little help? Check out our step-by-step articles here!

    What is a Branded Calling Program?

    A branded calling program allows users to define what they want for their business calling numbers to display on outbound calling devices.


    • If you are NOT subscribed to one of our INFORM Branded Calling plans, learn how to create a program here.
    • If you are subscribed to one of our Premium plans, you can submit a custom Branding Display Value.
    • If you do not see a Branding Display Value that you're looking for, ensure your Secretary of State filing is up to date. You can learn more here: Update Verified Business Branding Content.

    Create a Program

      1. Click Manage from the Business Dashboard and select Create Program from the list.
      2. Click Display Name and select a Display Name value.
        1. If you do not see a Display Name value, you can opt to Create custom Display Name.
      3. Enter a Display Name value and a Shorthand Display value.

        NOTE: Display Name and Shorthand Display MUST meet First Orion's Branding Policy. Custom display values will NOT brand until reviewed and approved. Expect a minimum 24-hour delay if the Branding Policy is not met.

        Only Premium plan subscribers have the ability to create a custom Display Name.

      4. Click Call Purpose and select Call Purpose type.
        WARNING: Do Not Originate should only be selected if the phone number will not make outbound calls.
      5. Add your Phone Numbers
        NOTE: You can manually input Phone Numbers or upload a CSV file. Learn how here.
      6. Use the calendar to schedule a Start Date & Time.
      7. Use the calendar to schedule an  End Date &Time.
      8. Click Save



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