Subscription: Add Users

Did you set up a Branded Calling subscription in the Customer Portal and you need a little help? Check out our step-by-step articles here!

Additional users may be added the Customer Portal. There are two (2) user role options available:

  • BusinessAdmin – Admin level user to manage the business
  • PortalUser – Basic level user 

Step 1: Select Users from the navigation panel.

Step 2: Click Add.

Optional Step 3: To edit, click the three (3) dots to open a dropdown. Select Edit.ZEN_SS_Users_Add-Edit.png

Add Team Member

Step 1: Enter the Email Address of the new user under Personal Details.

Step 2: Click the arrows in Assign Role to view the dropdown and select the desired User Role.

Step 3: Click Save.

NOTE: You may wish to notify the new user of the email invitation they will receive to register and access First Orion's Subscription Customer Portal. The email invitation may go into a SPAM or JUNK folder. You may resend the invitation to the new user if needed

NOTE: To Delete a User, contact Support. Click the button in the lower corner of the page. 



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