Subscription: Basic Reports & Analytics

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Step 1: Click on Reports on the navigation panel.

The Dashboard will display reporting metrics in various ways: numeric, pie chart, graphs, heatmap, etc. There are other Reporting tabs available.

All subscription users have access to Basic Analytics.

Advanced Analytics are not currently available for Subscription Customer Portal access. Those Advanced Analytic metrics will either display for Basic Analytic users as "unavailable" or with the message: “Please contact your account representative to sign up for advanced analytics."

Please use the Support button for any questions.

Basic Analytics


  • Dashboard
  • Calling Number Detail
  • Registered Phones
  • Glossary


  • Unique Calling Numbers: A count of individual calling numbers that have Branded Calling activity.
  • Answer Rate: A percentage of calls answered to addresses the efficiency of the outbound calling number used by the Business. 
  • Treated Calls: A count of calls made with Branded Calling.
  • Decline Rate: A percentage of calls that were declined (not answered) by the user.
  • Talk Rate: The Answer Rate adjusted to factor out Short Duration Calls. 
  • Engagement Rate: A percentage of answered calls with a duration greater than a threshold of sixty (60) seconds in Basic Reporting. 


  • Daily Answer & Decline Rate
  • Call Counts by Program

For information on any terms: Branded Calling Glossary

Report Commands

There are several commands available within Reports and may not be the same on each page. 

  • The three (3) arrows above the Dashboard tab are:
    • Reset to original dashboard
    • Undo
    • Redo
  • Some pages have a Minimize/Maximize option denoted with two (2) arrows.
  • Three (3) dots indicate it is possible to Export the report to CSV or Excel.
  • Each report has Controls to refine a report. These include:
    • Business Units
    • Programs
    • Time Range
    • other unique values

Report Examples

Calling Number DetailZEN_Reports_CallingNumberDetail.png

Registered PhonesZEN_Reports_RegPhones.png

Expiring ProgramsZEN_Reports_ExpirePrograms.png

Program ComparisonZEN_Reports_ProgramComparison.png


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