Subscription: Add Credit Card

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    Access Billing Management

    Step 1: Click the Account Owner email in the top corner of the page.

    Step 2: Click Billing Management from the dropdown menu.


    Billing Management Main Page

    There are two (2) areas on the Billing Management page to manage your payment options.

    #1 Plan Details: click the pencil to edit.

    #2 Payment Method: click +Add payment method.


    #1 Select a Payment Method

    To add a new credit card as a payment method.

    Step 1: Click Add payment method.

    Step 2: Click the Card box.

    Step 3: Enter the information required. 

    Step 4: Click Update.


    #2: Add Payment Method

    Step 1:  Click the Card box.

    Step 2: Enter the information required.

    Step 3: Click Add.



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