Branded Calling Glossary

    Answer Rate 

    A metric representing the percentage of calls answered addressing the efficiency of the outbound calling number used by the Business. 


    The Enterprise phone number(s) uploaded into the Customer Portal to make calls. 

    API / Application Programming Interface

    A way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other.


    A graphic that will display on a device during an incoming call. 


    The phone number(s) being called, also referred to as the terminating number or the receiving party. 

    Branded Call 

    The customized media displayed on the native dialer during an ENGAGE call, including: the custom name, the asset/graphics, and a display of the reason for the call. 


    A Business, as used for Branded Calling, representing the Enterprise or top-level entity responsible for managing the associated Business Units. 

    Business Unit  A division of an Enterprise operating independently and with responsibility for a particular range of products or activities. Within Branded Calling, it designates a container for one or more created calling groups of a Business. A Business will have one or more Business Units to serve as a container for one or more calling Programs. An Enterprise will often set up Branded Calling Business Units based upon departments, such as: customer service, billing, delivery, etc. 
    Business Vetting  The vetting processes and procedures used to verify: businesses, their right to use their registered phone numbers, and their relationship to the called party. 
    Call Blocked by User  The inability of a call to connect due to the user having blocked a number on their personal device. 
    Call Data  Stripped, anonymized SIP messages specific to the needs of INFORM.
    Call Disposition  The final outcome of a call, also referred to as Call Resolution. 
    Call Duration  The interval of time a call is established between the calling number (aNumber) and the called number (bNumber) during which information is transferred. 
    Call Purpose The reason for a call by an Enterprise.
    Contact Rate  Number of unique aNumbers placing calls and answered at least one time. A rate calculated by using the number of calls each agent placed and dividing by the number of those calls answered by a prospect. Success equals a higher hit rate. 
    Content Vetting  The vetting of an asset (such as: display name, reason for the call, and company logo) to ensure it meets multi-level policy requirements (carrier, customer, and First Orion policy adherence). 
    Conversion Rate  The percentage of calls that resulted in a successful outcome as determined by the Enterprise, such as: the number of sales, payments/donations collected, appointments made, survey questions answered, etc. 
    Custom Data  Data defined by the Business to display as the reason for the call displaying as Custom Text. Custom Text can manifest in different ways depending on the device type, whether iOS or Android, and their respective device operating systems. Custom Text will always display directly below the Caller Name and above the Company Logo. Adhering to a 20-character limit of Custom Data will ensure 100% coverage, a 38-character limit will ensure ~90% coverage, across the entirety of the ENGAGE-enabled device population. 
    Delivery Channel  The means of Branded Calling distribution composed of: the program asset information, the calling number (aNumber), and the number to be called (bNumber). 
    Display Name A string of up to 15 characters associated with a phone number that identifies the caller to the receiving end, also the CNAM.
    Distribution Customer  An Enterprise with a mobile app that has integrated the ENGAGE SDK. 
    E.164 Format  E.164 is the international telephone numbering plan that ensures each device has globally unique number. E.164 numbers have a maximum of fifteen (15) digits and are formatted as: [+] [country code] [subscriber number including area code] 
    ENGAGE  First Orion's method of Branded Communication call delivery via a custom Display Name, Call Reason, and Image. 
    Engagement Rate  Metric available as part of the reporting feature included in the Customer Portal representing the percentage of answered calls with some duration greater than some threshold. Basic reporting defines this threshold as a static 60 seconds, while advanced reporting offers a configurable threshold. 
    Host Application  The iOS and/or Android application that will integrate the ENGAGE SDK. 
    INFORM  First Orion's method of Branded Communication program delivery via a custom Display Name of up to 32 characters. 
    Integration Customer  The customer using the service to deliver ENGAGE content to enabled bNumbers. 
    Keep After Call (ENGAGE) 
    An ENGAGE function that allows the Business Unit to dictate if the contact will remain on the device. 
    Keep After Call (INFORM) An INFORM function that allows the Business Unit to dictate the 32-character, customized name will remain in-network after the initial call is made for a predesignated amount of time. If this setting is not applied, the 32-character customization will be removed after the first call has been completed. This feature is also available on limited Android ENGAGE-enabled devices. 
    Long Duration Call 
    The percentage of answered calls that last one (1) minute or longer. 
    Max Wait Duration  The maximum length of time an ENGAGE-enabled device has to respond after attempting to deliver ENGAGE content to the bNumber and executing HTTP Push request. 
    Organization  In the API structure hierarchy, this is the top-level controller of all subsequent levels. For API users, First Orion is the Organization under which businesses reside. 
    PASSporT  An identity token: Personal ASSertion Token. It contains the information needed for authentication and verification of calls and is used to convey the identity of the calling party in the call path. There are different types of extensions that can be used in a PASSporT such as SHAKEN, RCD, and DIV. 
    Program  A set of instructions for a specific calling program created by a Business Unit including: the aNumbers, the bNumbers, the 32-character replacement Display Name, the TTL, etc. 
    Program Content  Information that will display on an ENGAGE-enabled device when a call is received. Content is determined by the Enterprise. 
    The number of unique phone numbers called. 
    Registered User  A user who has only registered their business with our free scam labeling service. 
    RCD / Rich Call Data  Provides caller information including display name, reason, and company logo to the end user’s device. Industry-approved RCD can only be delivered using the STIR/SHAKEN framework. An RCD PASSporT conveys Rich Call Data in the call path. 
    SDK /Software Development Kit A collection of software development tools in one installable package or kit.
    Short Duration Call 
    The percentage of answered calls that last less than ten (10) seconds. 
    SIP / Session Initiation Protocol   A signaling protocol used for initiating, maintaining, and terminating real-time sessions that include voice, video, and messaging applications. 
    Subscription fee An amount of money paid in a regular interval for a service or product.
    Success Rate  Contact rate adjusted by Individual Long Call minus percentage of individuals with successful connection. 
    Talk Rate 
    The Answer Rate adjusted to factor out Short Duration Calls.
    Tiered pricing A structured payment model that offers pricing with different levels of service or features.
    TTL / Time to Live  The predesignated time, set by the Business Unit making the call or ENGAGE Push, during which time the newly created contact will "live" on a device for an ENGAGE and/or INFORM call. 
    Unique Device A single cellular/mobile device. 
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