Edit a Phone Number

Do you need help managing phone numbers includes? Check out the articles below for step-by-step guides on uploading, editing, and deleting phone numbers.

    Phone Number Dashboard

    All Phone Numbers assigned to a Business or a Business Unit may be viewed by selecting Phone Numbers from the Dashboard. The example below is the Business Level, it will therefore include the phone numbers for all Business Units.


    Edit the Call Purpose of a Phone Number

    Step 1: Select Phone Numbers on the Customer Portal Dashboard.

    Step 2: Click on the three (3) dots for the desired phone number.

    Step 3: Click Edit.

    NOTE: To view the Assignment of the number Phone Number Assignment  

    NOTE: To remove the number Delete Numbers: Remove a Single Number


    Step 4: Click on the Call Purpose arrows to display the dropdown options.

    Step 5: Select the new Call Purpose for that phone number.

    Step 6: Click Save.



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