Manage Branded Calling Program

    What is a Branded Calling Program?

    A branded calling program allows users to define what they want for their business calling numbers to display on outbound calling devices.


    • You must create a Branded Calling Program before you can edit a Branded Calling Program. Learn how to create a Branded Calling Program here.
    • If you are subscribed to one of our INFORM Branded Calling plans, learn how to create a program here.

    Edit a Program 

    Step 1: Update Program Details

    1. Click the three (3) dots for the Program you would like to edit.
    2. Select Update Program Content from the dropdown menu.
    3. Update Program Details if desired.
    4. Click Next Step.

    Step 2: Update Program Display

    1. Click Display Name and select a Display Name value.
    2. If you do not see a Display Name value, you can opt to Create custom display name.
    3. Enter a Display Name value and a Shorthand Display value.
      NOTE: Display Name and Shorthand Display MUST meet First Orion's Branding Policy. Custom display values will NOT brand until reviewed and approved. Expect a minimum 24-hour delay if Branding Policy is not met.
    4. Use the calendar to schedule a Start Date & Time.
    5. Use the calendar to schedule an  End Date &Time.
    6. Click Launch.



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