Dashboard: Heatmaps

The Customer Portal Dashboard provides a variety of current reports regarding your Branded Communication account, typically updated every sixty (60) minutes.


Key Navigation Items 

  1. Main Navigation Panel Dashboard: Navigation
  2. Page Name & Breadcrumb Trail
  3. Command Buttons: Create, Edit, & Learn Dashboard: Learn
  4. Metric Cards Dashboard: Metric Cards
  5. Heatmaps
  6. Business Unit List & Navigation
  7. Support Button


There are three (3) dynamic displays that alternate with current account information in the middle of the page.

1. Distribution of Call Rates


Distribution of Call Rates: the percent of calls made to each state by area code

  • If 1000 calls have been made and 100 of those were to Maine area codes, Maine on the map will display “10%”

2. Distribution of Answered Call Rates


Distribution of Answered Call Rates: the percent of calls that were answered of all treated calls made to a state

  • If half of the calls to Maine are answered, Maine on the map will display “50%”

3. Distribution of Phone Numbers Under Management


Distribution of Phone Numbers Under Management: the number of registered phone numbers by area code (Toll-free numbers cannot be assigned to a state)

  • If a business has 8 phone numbers and 6 are in Wisconsin, the heatmap will display “6” for Wisconsin when scrolled over
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