Create Program Phone Numbers (Step 3)

Business Phone Numbers may be added to a program being created either manually or by a batch CSV upload of up to 500 phone numbers per batch.

A Program requires at least one (1) phone number and may be modified at any time after creation.

Instructional Video

NOTE: The following example is a manual addition of a single phone number. Adding Phone Numbers is covered extensively in the following articles: 

Step 1: Enter a Business Phone Number in Phone Number box.

Step 2: Click the Call Purpose box to view the drop-down list then select a Call Purpose that is the best descriptor of the types of calling behavior use for this phone number.

Step 3: Click Add Phone Number.


Step 4: Confirm the phone number is correct as it appears in the Added Phone Numbers box.

Step 5: Click Launch


The Business Unit Program is complete.

To modify the program: Manage Program Content: Update a Program


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