Phone Number Assignment

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Phone Number Dashboard

All Phone Numbers assigned to a Business or a Business Unit may be viewed by selecting Phone Numbers from the Dashboard. The example below is the Business Level, it will therefore include the phone numbers for all Business Units.


View Number Assignments

It is possible to view the assignment of phone numbers to:

  • a Business
  • a Business Unit
  • a Program
  • the Program Display Name for the number
  • the duration of that Display Name

Step 1: Select Phone Numbers on the Customer Portal Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the three (3) dots for the desired phone number.

Step 3: Click View Assignments.

NOTE: A number may be edited or removed from this menu as well. 

Delete Numbers: Remove a Single Number


A pop-up will display the assignments for the selected phone number. For example:

1. The selected phone number

2. The Business

3. The Business Unit

There is no Program, Display Name, or Duration for this number. 

4. Select Close when viewing is complete



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