A Business, once it has been approved, must have at least one (1) Business Unit in order to create a Branded Communication Program

    A Business Unit may be as general or specific as is useful to your business, for example:

    • May be based on a department or division, such as:
      • customer service
      • delivery
      • billing
    • May be created to group similar types of programs, such as:
      • policy renewals
      • sales events
      • customer appreciation
    • May be a single Business Unit, with the same name as the Business, with all numbers loaded into that business unit. Phone numbers could be managed by Program. 

    Navigation to Business Unit Creation 

    Option A, Step 1: If this is the first Business Unit to be created, click Create a Business Unit in the dialog box at the bottom of the page.


    Option B, Step 1: Click Create.

    Option B, Step 2: Click Create Business Unit from the drop-down menu.


    Business Unit Details

    Step 1: Enter the desired Business Unit name in the box. A checkmark denotes field has been properly completed.

    Step 2: Click Next Step.ZEN_BizUnit_BU_Details-Next.png

    Optional, Step 3: Phone Numbers may be added to the newly created Business Unit either manually or by uploading a CSV file.  Add Numbers: Overview

    NOTE: Numbers added at any time to the Business Unit will also automatically be added at the Business level.

    Step 4: Click Save to save the Business Unit without adding any phone numbers, in this example.


     The Portal will refresh with the Business Unit listed at the bottom of the page.



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