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The Customer Portal Dashboard provides a variety of current reports regarding your Branded Communication account, typically updated every sixty (60) minutes.


Key Navigation Items

  1. Main Navigation Panel
  2. Page Name & Breadcrumb Trail
  3. Command Buttons: Create, Edit, & Learn Dashboard: Learn
  4. Metric Cards Dashboard: Metric Cards
  5. Heatmaps Dashboard: Heatmaps
  6. Business Unit List & Navigation
  7. Support Button


Main Navigation PanelZEN_Dashboard_Main_Dash-main.png

Main Navigation Panel includes: 

  1. Dashboard
  2. Phone Numbers
  3. API Keys
  4. Users
  5. Reports

Page Name & Breadcrumb Trail


This area will display the Portal page and permit breadcrumb trail navigation (click to navigate to that page)

Example given above: First Orion – Buzzy Bee Biz (1) – Billing (2)

Command Buttons


Command Buttons include:

  1. Create
  2. Create Dropdown
  3. Edit
  4. Learn Dashboard: Learn
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