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Business Phone Numbers may be added at the Business, Business Unit, or Program level at any time via Batch CSV. A batch upload of up to 500 total numbers and call purpose per CSV file is the current limit.

Instructional Video

Download the Template

Upon reaching the Add Phone Numbers portal page, the default is Manual

Step 1: Select Upload CSV File.

Step 2: Click Download CSV Template.


Step 3. Locate the phone-numbers-template, found in the Downloads folder, in your File Explorer.


Step 4: Open the phone-numbers-template. It will display with three (3) sample phone numbers and their call purpose. The full Call Purpose list may be found in the following section Create a Template for Submission.


Create a Template for Submission 

A total of 500 numbers may be submitted via a single CSV file. Submit using the following guidelines:

Template Requirements:

  • Two (2) columns only
  • No headers
  • Individual rows containing: 
    • A single number in Column One
    • The call purpose for that number in Column Two
  • Maximum of 500 numbers with call purpose

Column 1: Phone Number only

  • A single phone number
  • No spaces
  • Formatted exactly as either:
    • E.164 example: +15013334444
    • Area Code and Number example: 5013334444

Column 2: Call Purpose for that Phone Number

The following are valid options:

  • Charity
  • Customer Service
  • Debt Collection
  • Informational/Notification
  • Multi-Use Line
  • Political
  • Prison
  • Survey
  • Telemarketing
  • Do Not Originate

WARNING: Do Not Originate should only be selected if the number will not make outbound calls.

Step 1: Fill in the Template with the phone numbers and their call purpose to submit for addition.

Step 2: Save the Template file.


Upload the Completed Template

There are two (2) options to upload the CSV file template into the Customer Portal:

  1. Drag and drop CSV or TXT file
  2. Choose from computer

Upload Option A: Drag & Drop

Option A, Step 1: Select the completed and saved template from Downloads in the File Explorer.

Option A, Step 2: Drag the file from the File Explore to the Customer Portal dropbox using your mouse.

Option A, Step 3: Drop the file into the Customer Portal box.


Upload Option B: Choose from Computer

Option B, Step 1: Click Choose from computer in the Customer Portal box.

Option B, Step 2: Select the completed template file in the File Explorer.

Option B, Step 3: Click Open at the bottom of the File Explorer.


Complete Phone Number Addition

A pop-up will display the added phone number or numbers under the Add Numbers section along with a total count. Any rejected numbers will display, along with a total count, under the Rejected Numbers section and a reason for rejection. 

NOTE: You will receive an error message if any numbers are rejected. Double-check the number and call purpose. Typically a number will be rejected if it has been formatted incorrectly or if the number already exists elsewhere in the Customer Portal. If you need assistance, please click on the Support button at the bottom of the page. 

Step 4: Click OK to close the pop-up and exit the Add Phone Numbers area.  


All Business Phone Numbers will now display on the Phone Numbers page. Submitted numbers have an initial status of Pending while undergoing First Orion review. Once approved, the numbers will display as Active. Most numbers will be approved automatically. Any that remain as Pending will need to be vetted.


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