Create Program Details (Step 1)

Once a Business has at least one (1) Business Unit, a Program may be created which will allow a custom 32-character Display Name along with a program start and a stop time.

Create a Business Unit

Instructional Video

Navigation to Create a Program

Option A, Step 1: Click Create on the selected Busines Unit Dashboard.

Option A, Step 2: Click Create Program from the dropdown menu.


Option B, Step 1: If this is the first Program to be created for the Business Unit, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create a Program


Program Details

Step 1: Enter the desired Program Name in the box. The green checkmark confirms the program name is accepted.

Step 2: Click the Call Purpose box to view the dropdown list. 

Step 3: Select and click the best descriptor of the types of calling behavior for this phone number.


Optional Step 4: Enter a Description of the program, if desired.

Step 5: Click Next Step.


Once the Program Details have been entered, the next step will be to complete the Program Display Start and End Times. 

Create Program Display (Step 2)



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