Add Numbers: Manual Addition

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Business Phone Numbers may be added at the Business, Business Unit, or Program level at any time via Manual addition.

Instructional Video

Upon reaching the Add Phone Numbers portal page, the default is Manual

Step 1: Confirm Manual is underlined with the blue line.


Step 2: Enter the Phone Number to be added. A green checkmark will confirm the number has been entered correctly.

Step 3: Click the Call Purpose box to view the dropdown list. 

Step 4: Select and click the best descriptor of the types of calling behavior for this phone number.

WARNING: Do Not Originate should only be selected if the phone number will not make outbound calls.  


Step 5: Click Add Phone Number. 


Optional Step: Repeat Steps 2 – 5 for every phone number you wish to add.

Step 6: Verify all desired phone numbers have been added.

Step 7: Click Save.


A pop-up will display the added phone number or numbers under the Added Numbers section along with a total count. Any rejected numbers will display, along with a total count, under the Rejected Numbers section and a reason for rejection. 

NOTE: You will receive an error message if any numbers are rejected. Double-check the number and call purpose. Typically a number will be rejected if it has been formatted incorrectly or if the number already exists elsewhere in the Customer Portal. If a number is being added to a Program and exists elsewhere, there is an option to reassign the number to the current Program, but that will remove it from any other Program or Business Unit. If you need assistant, please click the Support button at the bottom of the page. 

Step 8: Click OK to close the Added/Rejected Numbers pop-up.


All Business Phone Numbers will now display on the Phone Numbers page. Submitted numbers have an initial status of Pending while undergoing First Orion review. Once approved, the numbers will display as Active. Most numbers will be approved automatically. Any that remain as Pending will need to be vetted.



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